May 17 2011

Best ifttt tasks / En güzel ifttt görevleri

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Hi, in this post I will try to gather the best, most useful tasks that you can create on the newest and probably the most helpful social media service for the time being,

Firstly, this new service is not open to public right now, actually an invitation is required from an already member friend. The thing is that, with this easy to use service you can create an interaction among your social network accounts, email accounts and even with your cellular telephone.
Equation is really simple IF This happens Then do That. You can easily create a task by definin an trigger event, “This” and providing an action to do, “That”.
So, tracks the event you have as “This” and when it occurs, it triggers the “That” event for you. Easy, simple and exciting right?
For the time being it supports, email, RSS and the most famous social networks like Twitter, Facebook,Google Services etc.
As it says with 11 channels supported right now, 308 combinations can be defined.

Here we come, the some useful combinations that I have selected;

  1. When “I share an item in Google Reader“, “send it as a tweet” by shortening the ur to my Twitter accountl
  2. When “I post a new article on my blog“, “share it as a new item” in GoogleReader
  3. When “someone mentions me“, “send an sms to my cellular
  4. When “someone tagged me on a photo in Facebook”, “post a funny Facebook status message”
  5. When “I send a new status message to Facebook“,”send it as a tweet” on my Twitter account
  6. When “the weather forecast for my town is rainy“, “send an sms to my cellular
  7. When “I send sms to number with the #tweet tag“, “send it as a tweet” to my Twitter account
  8. When “I send an instant message to bot on GTalk“, “send it as a tweet” to my Twitter account
  9. When “I send an instant message to bot on GTalk“, “send it as a tweet” to my Twitter account
  10. more will be added soon…

I hope you will like this new service…

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