Jan 25 2011

CUDA Zone Entry

Category: semihozmen @ 21:26
Schur Complement Computation for Dense Matrices on GPU
In this paper, Schur complement computation for symmetric positive definite dense matrices by utilizing partial Cholesky factorization on graphical processors is presented. Either by using provided CUBLAS routines or implemented custom routines, well-known Cholesky algorithm in LAPACK is implemented for CUDA supported graphical processors. Performance of the algorithm is investigated on various input matrix sizes by utilizing various sizes of matrix blocks and compared with i7 family CPU.

This early research conducted through a lecture given in Turkey’s First Cuda Center and presented in here.

Author(s) S.Özmen Organization Type Academia Organization Middle East Technical University Platform N/A
Software License N/A Application Type N/A Date Released 01/25/2011
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